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New Forum Banner and Topic Icons Empty New Forum Banner and Topic Icons

Post by Venom Knight on Fri Nov 07, 2008 7:13 pm

I have just finished the Forums first main banner! It is very simple mainly for the fact that I was growing tired of what we had originally, that and I've gotta be picking up the girlfriend in 20 minutes at the moment....Everyone feel free to submit your banner, button, forum icons (the 360 orbs and folders to show topics), I'm currently trying to find a good image to replace those ugly folders, if you have ideas submit them in the new Graphics forum located at the bottom of the page

EDIT: Ive just added some forum icons for the the topics within a forum, they may take a little getting used to but I hope you all like it...keep the suggestions coming letting me or the mods know if you ahve any ideas or suggestions for the site
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